“Food is the new internet”
— Kimbal Musk, Tech and Food Entrepreneur

The biggest industry in the world is is ripe for disruption.

The World Bank estimates the food system at $5 Trillion per year.  

All agree that the food system is broken.

Producing concurrent problems of hunger and obesity, degrading the environment, and adding $2 Trillion to global healthcare costs.

By 2050 the world will have 10 billion people in it, and we will need 75 percent more food. We’ll have to do this with much less land, water, and other resources

Three major trends are “generational” and will survive economic cycles, bubbles and bursts:

Food system problems MUST be solved and consumption patterns are changing.
Smart Entrepreneurs will create enormous value solving these problems, big and small.

Small brands are beating the big brands and start ups are leading the way.
Consumer behavior is changing, and with it the entire value chain, from seeders to feeders to eaters.

Solutions and opportunities will be found at the intersection of food and technology.
Entrepreneurs are the source of these solutions— creating value, jobs, and a better world. Our purpose is support these innovators.

In its first 18 months FoodTech Angels invested $1.5 million in eight innovative startup companies.

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