What is FoodTech Angels?

Food Tech Angels LLC, is a project incubated at Think Food Group, but is an independent venture led by Rob Wilder and supported by José Andrés and our TFG partners who share an interest in any financial gains.

FTA is a network of accredited investors who share a desire to find early stage opportunities at the intersection of Food & Technology.

FTA is not a venture capital fund.  Each company is evaluated individually by investors who choose to come together as a syndicate to invest deal-by-deal. FTA allows investors to gain access to a portfolio of curated angel investments with low minimums and total flexibility.

FTA curates attractive investments and then creates LLC syndicates at a low cost to investors by using AngelList as a platform partner.  FTA serves as “Syndicate Lead” and takes no management fee, benefiting only from successful investments through a 15-20% carried interest on capital gains.

Why FoodTech Angels?

Profit and Purpose: The needed disruption of food systems will create huge opportunities for entrepreneurs with the most impactful & innovative technologies. Our investment dollars will both support and profit from their efforts, creating jobs and a healthier planet.

FoodTech belongs in a diversified portfolio: Venture investments in FoodTech reached over $4 billion in 2015. Eric Schmidt (Farm2050, CropX), Steve Case (Revolution Foods, Sweet Green), Marc Andreessen (Soylent, Instacart), Bill Gates (Beyond Meat, Hampton Creek), Kleiner Perkins (Beyond Meat, Farmers Edge )and Vinod Khosla (Hampton Creek, Impossible Foods) are just a few notable investors leading the charge into improving the food system.

The right curator: During thirty years in the food business, Rob Wilder has acquired a unique perspective and ability to find, evaluate and support early stage entrepreneurs who have the potential to leverage technology for real impact in the business of food. Advised by a diverse circle of professionals, Rob and FTA will distinguish trends from fads, build relationships, execute quickly and take advantage of this important opportunity FoodTech Angels.

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