What is the structure of the FTA syndicated investments?

Each individual investment will be made through a different LLC Syndicate, created by AngelList and their partner Assure Fund Management. Our platform partner receives a flat fee of $8,000 out of each Syndicate’s capital for fund set up and ongoing admin including K-1s. Investors must register with AngelList to access the private investment documents and due diligence materials. FTA serves as “Syndicate Lead” and receives 15-20% of any capital gains after return of capital after a liquidity event.

What are the minimum investments?  How much capital do I need to be an Angel?

Currently minimum investment is $10,000 per syndicate. For reference points, common wisdom says that no one should invest more than 3-5% of assets in early stage companies, and that a portfolio of at least 10 companies is advisable to diversify risk and increase gains. 

Is FoodTech Angels Part of Think Food Group?

FTA is independent of TFG, but was “incubated” at TFG.  TFG benefits as a minority partner in the project , and José Andrés serves as an advisor to FTA.

How many Angels are in the network?

Currently there are approximately 115 investors in the informal network.   If AngelList introduces new investors, they will receive a 5% share of the Carry for that investor.

How does Rob Wilder have time for this project?

In 2014, José, Rob and the TFG Board promoted an accomplished industry leader Kimberly Grant to lead TFG as CEO. While Rob retains his role as Founder and a Board leader for TFG and its associated Companies, a significant portion of his professional time is devoted to FoodTech Angels and related efforts to “Change the world through the power of food."

Does Impact come before profit?

No. FoodTech Angels believes that successful companies need to create a strong financial return in order to be sustainable and have a lasting impact.  As consciously capitalistic investors, we seek to Profit from Passion & Purpose!

Will you invest in Restaurants?

No. Angels who are interested in restaurant investing will be referred to Think Food Group for more information. To date FoodTech Angels has also not invested in CPG companies (Consumer packaged goods). 

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